Is it beneficial to marry for money? Definitely YES. Here’s why.

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I’m not an expert on how to meet the love of your life, but I can advise you from my perspective as a financial security advisor and my own experiences with money.

It may sound disheartening at first glance but time and experience prove otherwise.

As the song says, the heart wants one thing, but the head (the brain) advises another; in money matters, being cautious is the main thing.

Unless you have a bottomless pocketbook or are diligent about your financial plans, you wouldn’t need my advice.

Marrying for money is not a bad thing.

I’m not claiming that money is the deciding factor in matching. For most of us, love trumps money.

Humans can fall in love with many people, and there is no shame in looking for someone who can provide the best standard of living. It is the same with emigration, but that is a separate issue.

Let’s look at it this way: if two people have the same qualities, except one is financially better positioned, don’t flip a coin. Instead, go for the one who earns more, and IF you marry for money, you won’t be the first to use the oldest financial trick in the book.

Choosing marriage over partnership can mean higher taxes at the end of each tax year. Still, it comes with some very invaluable insurance arrangements, which the formality of marriage helps to take advantage of.

Marriage can mean significant Social Security benefits.

For the short-term economic benefits of marriage, such as the implied pooling of resources, there are also long-term benefits.

You may be eligible to collect future Social Security widow’s and widower’s benefits. 

Also, spouses can collect future spousal benefits after one year of marriage.

This benefits the partner, who receives less money when he or she becomes a widow or widower.

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Insurance Planning

When some types of Life Insurance, Retirement, Death, etc., come into play, these values increase exponentially. Not only for the present monetary value but for the future value.

Get married, but always assume you’re going to get divorced.

Marriage can be beneficial in the long run in terms of living standards, and unwittingly also brings with it a possible pension for the upkeep of the family.

Many of these issues can be resolved or anticipated with various types of life insurance.

Prenuptial agreements.

This is another crucial point in defining a financial future linked to marriage.

– You can protect the inheritance rights of children and grandchildren from a previous marriage.

– For those who own a business or have a professional practice, an agreement can protect interests in the event of divorce.

– If one spouse has significant debts, the other spouse is protected from assuming the obligations of indebtedness.

– If you plan to leave a career after marriage, a prenuptial agreement can ensure that the other spouse is compensated if the marriage ends.

– An agreement can also limit spousal support or eliminate it in the event of separation.

Some types of insurance can help with prenuptial agreements, inheritance, business, etc.

Not signing a prenuptial agreement is a big mistake many still need to make; only some are blessed to have an uncontested divorce. This comes from my experience, from a long relationship and marriage always based on respect and friendship.

My advice? At the time of the proposal, with a diamond ring included, have a prenuptial agreement ready that will be worth its weight in gold in the long run.




AMF Certified Financial Security Advisor (Autorité des Marchés Financiers).


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